Here’s a non-exhaustive list of published material for nationals and web publications.

I write a lot less than I used to now I’m working as a sub, so this page is mostly for archival purposes.


The Spectator: Forget Syria: a weak Greece endangers us all

The Spectator: Labour’s response to #ToriesForCorbyn shows they really have lost the plot

The Telegraph: Think Tory immigration policy is wrong? The only way to change it is to leave Europe

VICE: Pontypridd isn’t proud of Ian Watkins anymore

The Independent: Hundreds of classes cancelled across the UK as university staff strike again

The Independent: University life comes to a standstill across Britain as university staff go on strike

The Independent: 10 apps students shouldn’t live without

The Independent: New Year’s resolutions: the best apps to help you keep your promises in 2014

The Independent: New Year’s resolutions: the apps and technology to help you keep fit in 2014

The Independent: 10 best budget tablets

The Independent: Quick smart: 10 best time-saving apps

The Independent: From Netflix and Spotify to Graze boxes: 9 best subscription services

The Independent: Who needs a degree? Here are 10 celebrities who dropped out or did badly – who are doing just fine


Here’s a few videos I put together while on the agency shift at the Guardian, when I was on work experience last year.

The Guardian: ancelotti confirms Ronaldo ready for Spanish Super Cup final – video

The Guardian: Uneku Atawodi: Nigeria’s polo queen on race and Ebola – video

The Guardian: Napoli 1-1 Athletic Bilbao: Rafael Benítez pleased with team’s performance in Champions League qualifier – video

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling speak after second televised debate – video